Generation With A Mission: Uganda

A society with access to social services, social sensitivity, conflict free, food security and God 


Join us to build Gwam Mission a new hope for Uganda.

 Mission Statement:

To transform the society from poor conditions of living to improved standards of living through social sensitization, conflict resolution, improved agricultural 
methods and evangelism.

This is a Christian Mission of those who are called to stand for their Generation in all areas of influence representing Jesus Christ.They discover their divine purpose and dedicate their lives to achieving God's Mission with the help of the Holy Spirit.

we are dedicated to church ministries ,evangelism ,church planting ,discipleship programs and community development projects through provision of clean water.This includes installation of water tanks, drilling of bore holes ,valley dams excavation  and distribution of sawyer water filters.The mission seek to set up Institutions that can provide social services to the public such as Hospitals, Schools ,orphanages,Bible college and  investments’ that can raise  revenue to support the Mission development.

GWAM was found by Arthur Ssajjabi Prince in the 1990’s and was first registered in 2000 as entity and finally registered as a local NGO (non-profit)